Lithuanian Folk Pottery. Inside and Out. (anglų kalba)Anthony Stellaccio

  • Formatas (mm) 200x267
  • Įrišimas kietas
  • ISBN / EAN 978-609-95342-0-6
  • Leidimo metai 2011
  • Leidykla „Mintis"
  • Psl. 380


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Lithuanian Folk Pottery: Inside and Out by Anthony Stellaccio is the first comprehensive study of Lithuanian folk pottery to be undertaken since the 1973 publication of Juozas Kudirka's Lietuvos puodžiai ir puodai (Lithuanian Potters and Pots). Building upon such previous research, this contemporary text examines Lithuanian folk pottery's historical context, forms, ornamentation, and technical dimensions. Written by a non-native with local expertise, this erudite study presents a global audience with a view of Lithuanian culture and history as it is illustrated by the nation's folk pottery and seen through the eyes of a foreign citizen.

Anthony Stellaccio works internationally as a  freelance scholar and artist. In 2004, Stellaccio was awarded a Fulbright grant to Lithuania and remained there until 2010 while researching the nation's twentieth-century ceramics. On the topic Stellaccio has written and lectured extensively. Stellaccio also has served as a consultant for the Lithuanian Art Museum, the Vytautas Valiušis Ceramics Museum, and is currently a project manager and curatorial research specialist at the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of African Art. Stellaccio is also an elected member of the American Ceramic Circle and the International Academy of Ceramics.

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